What is Crystal Therapy?A picture of yellow Calcite

Crystal therapy is another form of Energy therapy which has its roots in the ancient past. For thousands of years people have been drawn to crystals and minerals, widely using them for adornment and trade, always fascinated by their beauty but perhaps seldom understanding why they felt such an affinity to a piece of rock or gemstone.

In recent years we have all become aware that crystals, particularly quartz, have played an essential role in the development of many new technologies, where they are used to store and even amplify energy.  At an atomic level, the structure of crystals is constant and stable, and they vibrate at a high frequency.  Scientists are beginning to describe our bodies as “liquid crystals”, and we too vibrate at a specific frequency.  It is believed that  crystals resonate with us on an energetic level, raising any low frequency blockages in our energy fields to the higher frequency of the crystal, and helping to restore balance and stability.

Having a Crystal Therapy treatmentA picture of crystal therapy in progress

Most people find having crystal therapy to be profoundly relaxing, leaving them with a sense of balance and well-being that is often experienced in other energy therapies. Each session starts with a short consultation focussing on what you would like to achieve, and during an initial visit, a brief case history will be taken.  Then, fully clothed, you either lie or sit down – whichever  is most comfortable for you – while crystals may be placed around or on your body.  Sound may also be used to clear any blocked energy. Each treatment is entirely unique and specifically geared to you.

Initial Consultation are £65 and last approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Subsequent sessions are £60 and last 1 hour.