In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in self help and alternative therapies from gut-healing diets, yoga, pilates and chiropractic to reflexology and acupuncture and hundreds more.  These are all fantastic tools to help restore our health and I strongly recommend you explore the ones that appeal to you. Many of these form a part of my regular practice of self-care.

I believe good health, however, works on three levels, the physical, chemical and the emotional/mental.  We need to address a problem at all three of these levels in order to restore balance and allow the body’s natural healing capacity to activate. The importance of emotional or spiritual health on physical and mental symptoms has long been understood in traditional Eastern medical practices, and at last is becoming much more widely accepted throughout the world.

We are all unique however, and I passionately believe that different approaches will suit different people at different times. Here at Oxfordshire Therapies clients are offered an individually tailored session using a variety of techniques that focus on removing the emotional and spiritual blockages that prevent us from achieving balance and optimising our health. These techniques include EFT, Crystal Therapy, Hands-on Healing, Sound Healing, and Gridwork.  All therapies are gentle and non-invasive, and take place in a calm and relaxing setting and as they are naturally complementary, are often used together, depending on the individual’s preferences.

Initial consultations are £65 and last for approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Subsequent session are £60 and last for 1 hour.