When I was 5 we moved halfway around the world to live in Australia, leaving behind most of the people I had known and loved, and very soon after I became ill. I didn’t understand the reasons behind my illness and I also didn’t know that this was to be the start of a pattern of ill health well into my adult life.

By 29, I’d had enough of missing out on life, and of hospitals and surgeons and drugs. I started to look at what I could do myself, to improve my health. I came to realise that wellbeing is an active choice. That no matter what genetic cards we are dealt, which pathogens we are exposed to, or what life events we encounter, everyone of us can find ways to maximise our health.

My own journey continues to this day and I am constantly learning new ideas and techniques to share with my clients.  Initially I trained in Reiki and then Crystal Therapy with the renowned Hazel Raven. With a degree in Psychology and a background in teaching, I have always been interested in the mind and how we learn, and how we overcome difficulties. Conventional psychological approaches however didn’t appeal to me and it wasn’t until I began to learn about the then, new area of Energy Psychology that I realised the truth of the mind, body and spirit connection. In recent years I have been training in Sound Healing which can be used to complement just about every other technique. In addition, Art has once again become a very important part of my life, and in 2020 I am delighted to be working with my fellow artist and art therapist, Nicole Thurgur, to offer Healing Art Workshops.

Personally, these techniques have helped me cope with so many difficulties, from major traumas to the smaller challenges of daily life. I am so very honoured to be able to offer them to help others on their own journey to healing and restoring balance in their lives.